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Photogra offers a vast array of customized solutions for every type of venue. By leveraging our full end-to-end capabilities, we are able to offer professional photographers, and venues alike, a fully customized photography software and printing solutions. We are able to guide our partners from the point of capture, all the way through to high quality photo productions. In the business since 1999, there is not a photography scenario we have not dealt with.

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customsoftware solutions

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Event Imaging Software Providers
Turnkey & Enterprise-level Solutions
In-house Development Team
Mobile Device Delivery
Bespoke, Custom & Retail Software

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e-commercemarketing platform

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Extensive Online Fulfillment
Branded Client Store Fronts
Social Media Component
Post-Event Email Marketing
Personalized Messaging

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pro print lab& fulfillment

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Unique Retail Product Range
Prints, Wall Decor & Souvenirs
Major Photo Lab Facilities
Global Logistic Solutions
Custom branded packaging

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imagecapture systems

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Event profile management software
Facial Recognition Tagging
Barcode, Mag, RFID/NFC Tags
Android & kiosk connected devices
Reporting & analysis modules

At Photogra, we believe that providing our clients with a remarkable experience will give your customers memories for a lifetime. We are a technology driven company that has the experience and commitment which makes us the logical choice for your photo needs and custom projects.

From Image Capture, to Online Sales to Professional Fulfillment, our specialized vertically integrated foundation offers you robust infrastructure to build your business.


Delivering state-of-the-art custom solutions in all event photo service categories.


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Advanced Tagging
Facial Recognition
Tagging Devices
Wireless Connectivity


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Social Kiosks
Self-Service Kiosks
Digital Delivery
Digital Displays

Production &

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Custom Product Line
Fulfillment Integration
Template Tools
Automated Ordering
Graphic Design


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Branded Storefronts
Customer Surveys
Custom Logins
Landing Pages

& Tools

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Workflow Streamlining
Productivity Tools
Analytics & Reporting
Print Engines


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Expansive Solution
Modular Design
System Integration
Setup Technicians
Expert Consultation


The preeminent solution for Cruise Ships, Resorts & Major Venues

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The CORTEX enterprise system delivers a dynamic suite of proprietary components in an uncompromising photo imaging package that addresses the needs of the most exacting corporate partners. From cruise ships to resorts, this formidable platform is the one-stop-shop solution to all venues demanding a sophisticated yet flexible imaging system.
Features include:

  • Self-Service Multi-touch Kiosks
  • Mobile Device App
  • Advanced Image Tagging
  • Facial Recognition
  • Photo Book Creation Tool

  • Special Event Android App
  • Lab Management System
  • Studio Software
  • Wireless Capture Devices
  • Online Sales

  • Push Notifications & Ads
  • Home-delivered Product Range
  • Order Fulfillment Utility
  • Analysis & Reporting Module
  • Social Media Connectivity

  • Self-Service Multi-touch Kiosks
  • Mobile Device App
  • Advanced Image Tagging
  • Facial Recognition
  • Photo Book Creation Tool
  • Special Event Android App
  • Lab Management System
  • Studio Software
  • Wireless Capture Devices
  • Online Sales
  • Home-delivered Product Range
  • Order Fulfillment Utility
  • Analysis & Reporting Module
  • Social Media Connectivity

Whether you are large or small, revenue-driven or service-centric, the modular approach of our CORTEX system delivers the flexibility to fashion an imaging solution that reflects your brand ideals, while increasing your revenue potential and ensuring the highest guest satisfaction.

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Image capture systems to address virtually any shooting environment.

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tagging methods

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  • Multiple image-association "tagging" methods enable the photographer to shoot each image and provide the customer a simplistic way to retrieve the exact image conveniently and accurately.
  • Tagging Methods including: Barcode, QR Code, Magnetic Strip, Manual Data Entry, RFID, NFC and Facial Recognition.
Studios & Sets
  • Robust and flexible systems delivered through a minimal footprint.
  • Fully networked for immediate sales opportunities
  • Customer and spectator preview monitors heighten the experience.
  • On-Screen animated promotions entice spectator attention.
Green screen
  • Industry-leading chroma-key algorithms deliver unsurpassed results.
  • Simple staff UI interface, with advanced override functions.
  • Live-preview screens showcase the finished product in real-time.
  • Optional proprietary Android Device Tagging Systems attach to cameras to further augment functionality.
  • Wireless connectivity, with image-caching for non-wifi connected sites and tethered options.
  • Settings, critical data, productivity reports and image transfer management.
  • Manual Image Uploaders with automatic OCR and Barcode recognition.
  • High-volume throughput configuration
  • Auto-print workflow operations
  • Wifi connected for immediate image access
  • Automated Thrill Ride image capture systems available upon request


Convenient and diverse methods for customers to view their images

Photogra Mobile Device App mockup MOBILE
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With a host of options for customers to access their images, we always provide convenient and modern solutions for onsite viewing while extending the customer experience once they return home.

Sales Stations

  • Staff-assisted, dual monitor, 10-point multi-touch screen kiosks.
  • Provides excellent customer service and up-sales opportunities.
  • Advanced products options and on-screen advertising.
Self-Service Kiosks
  • Place photo and gift orders at the guest's convenience.
  • Accepts cash and/or credit card transactions.
  • Prints locally or sends orders to a pick-up sales station.
Social Media Kiosk
  • Extend the customer experience and your brand with dedicated kiosks.
  • Email images or share photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Data and email list capture for future sales campaigns.
Online Websites
  • Engage the capabilities of our online branded e-commerce websites.
  • Instant syncing with the venue to give immediate online image access.
  • A vast array of products to choose from to offer your guests.
Mobile Devices
  • The power of a kiosk in your guest's own pocket!
  • No need for guests to even download an app from the Play/App store.
  • Customization, emojis, editing and text overlays give your guest's control.


Multiple attractive options for effectively offering photo and souvenir gifts

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We offer a range of adaptable sales software and systems to address the needs of any business, from high school photographers to high-end resorts and cruise ships.

Photo Prints

  • On-site delivery of images from wallet size to 8x12”, or larger with specialized printers.
  • Templates, borders, backgrounds, text overlays all add interest and your brand to images.
  • Major Lab Production facilities offer a highly expanded custom product range.
  • Professional archival quality prints.
Digital Products
  • Digital Delivery gives your customers easy access to re-live and re-share their adventure.
  • Email, CD/DVD, USB, digital download or upload to Social Media.
  • Automated USB creation tool with bundled bonus content feature.
Souvenir Gifts
  • Cost-effective, attractive photo keepsakes drive your incremental sales.
  • Photo Books are now one of the hottest items
  • Integrated functions to easily create 3D Lenticular images onsite.
  • A wide variety of options, from phone covers, to fridge magnets, keychains and more.
Professional Fulfillment
  • Extended options for Home Delivered Products dramatically increase your menu of products.
  • Giant prints, wall decor, canvas products and metal prints are just some of our popular products.
  • Custom branded packaging provides a professional reflection of your brand.
  • Fulfillment utility enables easy and reliable order submission.

Production brought to you by our fulfillment company:

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